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Guided wolf hunts

A backcountry winter wolf hunt is an unforgettable experience. Wolves are plentiful in our area. Healthy moose and caribou herds benefit from proper wolf control.



Wolf Hunting takes place throughout most of the year and is available as an additional species on every hunt.  Hunting Canadian Wolves is very challenging, they are an elusive animal and are a tremendous trophy.

Wolves are most successfully hunted when targeted during the winter months. Moose are fit & healthy & hard for them to kill. The wolves are more likely to feed on bait or come to a call.

Few Hunters take the opportunity to target wolves and as a result seldom get an opportunity. Wolves are shot every year as part of the management plan for the area, it is important for many species to keep wolf numbers balanced.

Wolves can be hunted during our other spring and fall hunts on a modest fee basis as long as you have already arranged with us to obtain a wolf tag. However, wolves are most effectively and successfully hunted in winter. These hunts are conducted on a spot-and-stalk basis or, most successfully, on remote frozen lakes based from cabins situated along shore.

In cooperation with Skeena Mountain Outfitters Ltd. we have access to 1.5 million acres of combined hunting area. We use a combination of 4 x 4 trucks, snowmobiles and snowshoes to access the cabins. Wolf hunts are most effectively combined with our winter Canadian Lynx hunts.


– Canadian wolf Hunt Pricing –

*All funds are US dollars, and do not include licenses, tags, gratuities, Wildlife Conservation Fee ($200), GST taxes (5%), preparation of hides and shipment to your home, Non-resident hunting license is $180; Wolf Tag $50 and government harvest fee $50. Any wolf taken during the course of a regular fall moose, goat or bear hunt (assuming a wolf tag has been obtained) is an additional $500 US.

Winter Predator Hunting Combo

(Hunting for Lynx and Wolf is available and can make up a predator hunt combo)

Nov. 15-Feb. 15

1:1 hunting

6-DAY HUNT $5,800
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Winter Wolf Hunt

(Guided Wolf Hunts have proven to be very successful setting up baits in the heart of moose wintering areas)


1:1 hunting

6-DAY HUNT $5,800
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Spot and Stalk Wolf Hunt

Spot & Stalk Wolf Hunt is done while currently on another hunt. You may spot a wolf while hunting for a Moose or other wildlife and choose to shoot that Wolf. Trophy fee as an add-on basis is $500 USD. You must have arranged with us to obtain the appropriate tag in advance.


6-DAY HUNT $5,800
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